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. Welcome to Actors Access!

Your Actors Access account has been created. Please keep this email in a safe
place. It contains your account information.

Login Name: zezd
Password: laxhzxey

We recommend that you copy/paste your password into the login field to avoid
typos and once you’re logged in, you can then change your password to
something easier to remember by going to MY TOOLS. Use MY TOOLS to manage
other aspects of your account as well, such as profile, resume, photos, etc.

Please be sure to update your new Actors Access account information such as up
to 2 geographic regions from where you would like to receive advance role
notifications email. You can select up to 2 regions but you can always view
the Breakdowns from any/all regions when logged into your account. You would
update this by going to MY TOOLS then MY ACCOUNT.

It is important that you also update your Contact Information, go to MY TOOLS
then Contact Information (note, your contact information is not made public,
it is internal and for the sole purpose if casting should need to get in touch
with you on short notice).

If you believe you received this e-mail in error, please contact us at:

info@actorsaccess. com

http://www.actorsaccess. com

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