Attention Beneficiary

Attention Beneficiary

This mail is to notify you that the Benin Republic in conjunction with the United Bank of Africa has deemed it imperative to release your fund which has been

long over due in the Ministry Of Finance after our 82nd board meeting that your fund should be released to you without any delay.

In order to carry out this assignment effectively a sub department, The Benin Republic remittance department has been created to conduct a comprehensive

research on how to make sure that your fund is transferred to you without any delay.

On the strength of the above, a resolution has been made that the listed individuals shall be compensated with the sum of $4.3 million USD (four million

three hundred thousand dollars). However, final arrangement has been made for the immediate processing and release of this fund to you without any delay. And

to facilitate swift conclusion , i have been assigned to you as your processing manager, to do the final processing of this payment within seven working

days. Therefore you are advised to ad hare be inline with every instructions that will yield a positive result for the immediate processing and release of

this fund to you.

Note below information is of utmost importance for documentation verification;

Personal Information’s

Full Name:
Contact Address:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Marital Status:
Telephonace Number:
Email contact:

Any Means of Identifi cation if any:

Finally, your maximum cooperation is anticipated for the swift conclusion of this payment.

Yours sincerely,

Mr.David mike

Corporate Head office, Benin Republic remittance department.

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