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Dear Prospective Volunteer:
Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Faith House and becoming an integral part
of the movement to support survivors of domestic violence! The steadfast dedication and
tireless energy of volunteers sustain the life-saving services of our organization.
We are very excited that you have chosen to volunteer at Faith House and look forward to
embarking on this journey with you.
There are abundant volunteer possibilities in both direct and indirect service at Faith
House, as you will discover on our website.
In your application, we will ask you to designate if you will initially pursue direct or
indirect service. Please note that this does not limit your future avenues of service, but
instead helps us to cater the training requirements to your immediate needs. It is also
possible that our current agency needs may take precedence in the placement process and
your flexibility is appreciated.

Dear Applicant
This year’s MSc TESOL students are currently in full swing working on their dissertations –
reading the relevant literature, collecting data and analyzing it – this is the culmination of a yearlong process of learning. Once again, the range of topics and quality of projects has been
impressive, and the team have been working hard to offer individual support to each of our
students. You too will be at this stage this time next year!
Who are your tutors at the School of Education?
The TESOL tutors are a diverse group of researchers and practitioners that are research active
and experts in the field of TESOL/Applied Linguistics. On this programme, our priority is to give
you the best learning experience creating an environment that is focused on students’ prior
experiences in teaching and learning. We are members and leaders of research Centres and
Networks in our areas of research. This is an important part of the culture at the School and you
will be able to attend and participate in a range of research seminars, talks and activities that will
enrich your time with us. Learn more about who we are by looking at our webpages:

Dear Prospective Resident,
Thank you for your interest in Monticello-Lee Apartments! We look forward to your
visit here. For your convenience, we have attached an Application to Lease.
You may complete the attached Application for Lease prior to coming to the
community. Each adult who will reside in the apartment is required to complete a
separate application. Completing this application prior to your visit will save you time.
When filling out the application, please thoroughly complete all requested information.
In addition to the completed application, you will be required to provide the following
• Valid, Government Issued Photo identification
• Two most recent pay stubs, an offer letter from the employer on company
letterhead identifying start dates and salary *
• A $40.00 application fee, per adult applicant in a credit card or money order.
Upon visiting the community, you will be greeted by our team, leasing consultant or
property manager. You will be asked to complete a Guest Card, which will help us
identify your desires for your future apartment home. Our team will be happy to assist
you by reviewing our community features, and show you a representative apartment for
the community.
After you have selected an apartment home and submit the required above
documentation our team will work with you to finalize any additional paperwork, provide
the details of your move, and review our policies and procedures as related to your move
to the community.
Again, thank you for your interest in Monticello-Lee Apartments! We look forward
to meeting you in the near future, and should you have any questions, please do not
hesitate to call us at 703-683-2174.
Thank You,
The Management Team for
Monticello-Lee Apartments
* Note: Additional items may be accepted for proof of income. Please contact a Leasing Agent for

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Dear cvncvncvnc cvhdshdhdfh,

Thank you for registering with SAP ID Service. To activate your account for , click the link below.

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Best Regards,

Your SAP ID Service Team

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City of V


an, 2141 Major Mackenzie Dr, Vaughan, ON L6A 1T1 Tel.





Dear Prospective Volunteer,

Vaughan Animal Services would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest

in our volunteer program. Please note we currently have three

volunteer programs to choose from;


Junior Volunteer Program

(JVP) for individuals interested in assisting around the

shelter that are between the ages of 16 and

17. Our JVP members will

assist with Cat socializing

but, unfortunately this program does

not allow our youth to work with the dogs. JV’s will be helpful


socializing the shelters adoptable cats

. This program allows our youth’s to get involved at an

early stage in life. Some may be interested in working in the animal welfare field and are l

ooking to

gain experience. Volu

nteers must commit to a scheduled 1

hour shift, once a week



Adult Volunteer Program

(AVP) is for individuals interested in assisting at the shelter

that are 18 years of age or older. These volunteers will

have direct co

ntact with the


or the


based on the applica


ts interest.

AV’s will socialize adoptable

cats and walk

adoptable dogs

. Some

may be interested in getting a feel for the animal welfare field, applying to graduate schools

involving animal related studi

es or simply looking to ful


fill some spare time by helping the

animals. Our AVP does not allow volunteers to clean cages in the shelter. Volu

nteers must commit

to a scheduled 1

hour shift, once a week

Please take a moment to fill out the attached appli

cation form and deliver it to the shelter.

Again, we would like to thank you in advance for your interest. You will be contacted by the

program coordinator to arrange an interview. Acceptance in any volunteer program will be

determined after the interview

and orientation session(s) associated with each individual program


Please note that all volunteer applications take a minimum of 4

6 weeks to be processed.

We appreciate your interest and patience during this time. We do process our applications

on a

first come, first serve basis.

Thank You,

Vaughan Animal Services

70 Tigi Court Vaughan, ON L4K 5E4






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  Last Name *   First Name *
  Date Of Birth * MM/DD/YYYY   County *
  ZIP Code *


Dear Prospective Participant:
Thank you for your interest in participating in the Wake County Human Services/NC State Cooperative Extension Peer
Youth Education Volunteer Program (PYE-VP). The PYE-VP was created in 2012 as an initiative of the Wake County 4-H
Youth Development Public Health Team and the WCHS HIV/STD Community Program.
The primary objective of this program is to reduce the rate of teen pregnancy, HIV/AID’s, and Sexually Transmitted
Infections (STIs) among Wake County youth. We plan to achieve this by educating and training high school students,
through an experiential learning approach, about various sexual/reproductive health topics. Additionally, participants
will learn best practices related to Peer Youth Education in order for them to educate other teens about the
consequences of sex.
As part of the PYE-VP, participants will take part in several trainings in which they will:
? Learn about teen pregnancy, HIV/STIs;
? Learn about effective ways to prevent teen pregnancy, HIV/ STIs such as abstinence and condom use.
? Build skills in decision making, communication, assertive refusal, advocacy and assessing resources.
? Be empowered to resist pressures, clarify personal values, communicate and negotiate around risk behaviors,
and learn to use a condom correctly.
? Make use of naturally occurring “friendship groups” to strengthen peer support of alternatives to risky behaviors
and educate other teens about the consequences of sex.
? Strengthen parental/guardian involvement and family support for avoiding risky behaviors through
parent/guardian participation.
Additionally, participants will have further professional growth and development opportunities.
Parents/guardians play a major role in the success of our participants in this program. All parents are asked to provide
support to their young people in keeping their commitment to the program. PYES will participate in a panel interview to
join the program, attend group meetings, and complete all tasks assigned. In addition, all parents will be asked to sign a
Parental Consent Form.
Program participants have expressed how excited they are to learn about teen pregnancy and HIV/STI’s prevention, how
rewarding it is to make an impact on their peers, and how much they enjoy being part of a supportive group of young
people working towards a common goal to improve their community. We are always excited about adding new
members to our team!
If you are interested in participating, attached you will find a more detailed overview of the program, information about
the commitment necessary to participate, information about the benefits of being involved, an application, and
contracts. Please share the information with your parent/guardian and submit all paperwork including resume and
application to us by mail, email or fax. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or thoughts about the
Thank you for your interest,
Mr. Daniel Bulatek, CSAPC
Mrs. Carmen L. Frazier, MPH
Peer Education Program Coordinators



This is an invoice for your order and should be kept as your receipt.

Pearson VUE
5601 Green Valley Drive
Bloomington MN 55437

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Ship To:





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Bill To:

William Clearie




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Appointment: Saturday, February 10, 2018 8:00:00 AM GMT

Centre: Pearson Professional Centres-UK Chester Chester

Candidate ID:

Candidate Name:

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Pearson VUE represents and warrants that Cardholder authorises payment in the Total Amount shown (together with any other charges due thereon) subject to and in accordance with the agreement governing the use of Cardholder’s card.

Pearson VUE is collecting tax on behalf of DVSA Learner.

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DVSA Learner

The Axis

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