Awaiting your urgent response to this message.

Attention; Beneficcairy

It is our pleasure to inform you that after due consideration on the
inconveniences and financial commitments you have invested thus far on
the pursuit of your funds, the monetary authorities and the leading
financial institutions here in the states have therefore deliberated and
resolved that your $10,500,000.00 funds should be reversed from the
Federal Reserved Bank to our bank, and have mandated us to carry on your
payment assignment with immediate effect.

Now we have commenced based on the instructions and the mandate given to
us by the aforementioned authorities/institutions as we have now queued
your funds for transfer to meet up the mandate so we can submit our
report files in a timely manner.

However, according to the details in our record here, your funds are to
be transfer to the following account specifics, and we do hope that the
details are still functional and valid for receiving your approved


US Bank
account Name; Joanna Wilk
address 217 e 5th #13 Rupert,. Idaho 83350
routing number 123 103 729
account number 1533 9529 3340,

Please do crosscheck the above stipulated details for receiving your
funds, hence we do not want and would not be held responsible for any
wrongful transfer there-after.

Awaiting your urgent response to this message.

Ms. Janet Lloyd,
For; BOA Remittance Department;

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