Good morning to you all,


Thank you for your interest in our upcoming event. &= nbsp;There are 2 things that I would like to bring to your attention:


1.     &= nbsp; If you will be unable to attend due to a change in your schedule please advise us immediately as we = do have a waiting list.


2.     &= nbsp; If you will be attending we would very much appreciate your arrive before the start of the event which will begin at promptly 4 = p.m..  


Thank you for reading the above message and acting u= pon our request.


Bye for now and do enjoy your day.


Lorraine Torpy

Events Officer | Office of the Vice-Principal, Research= and Innovation

McGill University | Research and Innovation | James Administration= Building, Suite 419 | 845 Sherbrooke Street West | Montreal, QC H3A 2T5 | T: 514.398.3992 | C: 514.653.5897 | lorraine= | www.mcgill= .ca/research   =


Agente d’=E9v=E9nements | Bureau de la vice-princ= ipale, Recherche et innovation

Universit=E9 McGill| Recherche et innovation  | Pa= villon James (administration) , Bureau 419 | 845,la rue Sherbrooke, ouest |= Montr=E9al, QC H3A 2T5 | T: 514.398.3992 | C: 514.653.5897 | |  



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