Confirmation c.

Dear Incoming Eighth Grade English Student and Parent:
This letter is to provide you with information about the 2013-2014 PreAP/GT summer reading
assignments for MISDs incoming Junior High 8th grade English and Social Studies courses. We
strongly encourage incoming 8th grade students to complete the assignments before the start of school.
Timely preparation is essential for success in the PreAP courses. These assignments will be included as
part of the first six weeks grading period.
Copies of the assignments are available on the district and campus websites or may be downloaded and
printed from the district website. The district website is Click on AP Summer
Reading. If you need help in locating this information or you have any questions concerning the AP
Summer Reading, please contact MISD Advanced Academics at 689-1000 or the appropriate campus
you will attend next year.
Below you will find the name of the reading selections for your course as well as contact information
concerning the assignment. Incoming 8th grade PreAP English and 8th grade PreAP Social Studies
students will read the same three short stories for both courses. Each course has a separate assignment to
complete using these stories. Assignments will be turned in to your incoming 2013-2014 English and

Text Example

Social Studies teachers.

The AP/PreAP English and Social Studies summer reading program is an essential feature of the rigor in

AP and Pre-AP classes, and it serves to keep students active as readers and thinkers over the summer.

Do not procrastinate. There will be an assessment over these works during the first six weeks of school.

We are pleased that you have chosen to participate in the Advanced Placement/Pre-AP program, and we

look forward to working with you next year. Happy Summer Reading!

Incoming Grade 8 Pre-AP/GT Summer Reading for English

Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving

A Grey Sleeve by Stephen Crane

Boy Soldier, an excerpt from Soldiers Heart by Gary Paulsen

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