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Dear Prospective Volunteer:
Thank you for your interest in Southern Regional Medical Center’s Volunteer Program. Included in your
packet are two reference forms to be completed by non-family members. Please distribute the reference
forms and return them along with your application to Southern Regional Medical Center, Volunteer
Services, 11 Upper Riverdale Road, S.W., Riverdale, GA 30274. Once your application with the completed
references is received, you will be contacted for a personal interview.
Southern Regional offers various programs in which adult volunteers can serve. Service hour commitments can
be tailored to meet your schedule. Most programs require only a minimum of 8 hours per month. Volunteers
generally serve about 16 hours per month. Once accepted, all volunteers are required to participate in
mandatory hospital volunteer orientation and training. Certain programs within the Women’s Life Center have
additional training. All volunteers must have strong interpersonal skills and display a positive personality.
Attitude is everything! We view our volunteers as ambassadors to our hospital community!
Volunteerism requires a commitment of time and dedication. We are proud of the loyalty and consideration
our volunteers provide our facility. Since many of our programs depend solely on volunteers for success, we
will be counting on your commitment to ensure our future success.
As part of the application and orientation process, you will be required to provide or obtain the following:
• If you were born after 1957, you will need to provide a copy of your vaccination record indicating that
you have had 2-MMR’s. Return it with your application so that it may be retained with your records. If
you cannot provide verification it will be necessary to have one done by the county health department or
your physician at your own expense. If this occurs only one MMR is necessary.
• A 2-step TB/PPD skin test is required; this can be done at the hospital free of charge.
• Uniform tops may be purchased at SRMC. Uniform prices range from $18 – $21.
• If you become a member of the SRMC Auxiliary, you must contribute a nominal membership fee of $5 per
We look forward to meeting with you soon, please call 770-991-8124 if you have any questions concerning the

The Volunteer Services Staff
Southern Regional Medical Center

Dear Prospective Auxiliary Member:
I am delighted to send you this application for the Auxiliary at Merit Health River Region, a non-profit
volunteer group that provides much needed assistance to hospital patients and visitors. You will need to
complete the application form and return it at your earliest convenience.
Auxiliary members have the opportunity to serve in several different areas of the hospital. These include
operating the gift shop, answering the telephones at the front information desk, directing visitors to areas/rooms
in the hospital and assisting in getting patients in as quickly as possible. Volunteers also assist in the ICU,
Ambulatory Surgery, Diagnostics and Cardiology by making coffee, answering the phone and assisting those
who are waiting.
The application should be returned with $3.00 membership dues (check), made payable to Merit Health River
Region Auxiliary. Please note that two references other than Auxiliary members are required (neighbors,
minister, former co-workers, etc.). Either return your completed application by mail or hand deliver to the Merit
Health River Region front desk. The Auxiliary membership chair will contact you for an appointment to
complete processing your membership.
There are some hospital guidelines to which each member must comply. Every new applicant is required to
attend a hospital general orientation and receive a TB skin test prior to his or her work assignment. You will
also be requested to complete a drug test and fingerprinting, which are required in order to insure the safety of
our patients, guests, and staff. These two simple tests will be conducted at the hospital. According to our
Auxiliary bylaws, each member is required to serve a minimum of 50 scheduled hours per year and attend at
least half (3) of our bi-monthly meetings.
If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at 601-218-5543. This is a wonderful opportunity
for you to serve the community, friends and neighbors during a potentially stressful period in their lives. We
look forward to serving with you.
Cathy Hall
Membership Coordinator

916 Ballentine Blvd
Norfolk, VA 23504
757.622.7163 (fax)
Dear Prospective Volunteer,

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Norfolk SPCA. There are many ways
you can help us create a community of responsible animal guardians and help the
companion animals at the shelter while they wait for new homes.
If you are at least 15 years old, complete the Volunteer Application and return it to:
Norfolk SPCA
Attn: Volunteer Services
916 Ballentine Blvd.
Norfolk, VA 23504
When we receive your application, we will review it and contact you regarding the
next group Volunteer Orientation date. The orientation will include an overview of the
Norfolk SPCA and feature tour of our facility. It will also answer any questions you may
have about our volunteer opportunities. Please be aware many of the volunteer
positions require additional training, as the safety of you and our animals is of the utmost
importance to us! Due to the high volume of applications received please allow a few
weeks for processing.
Volunteering time and talent to help the Norfolk SPCA can be a very rewarding
experience. We are pleased you have chosen to donate the gift of your time to us. We
have an ongoing need for reliable volunteers and we ask that you will make the
commitment to working with our organization for at least six months.
Please remember, if you are between the ages of 15-17, your parent or legal guardian
must attend the initial orientation.
Thank you again and we look forward to working with you!

You will also have a third interview at a second college on Wednesday 12 th December. Details of the place and time will also be posted on the notice board in the JCR. You may be required to stay until 17:00 on the Wednesday. At interview you may be asked questions with a mathematical or physical content, as part of our aim to fill in gaps in our knowledge about you and your educational background, and to help us make a judgment about your aptitude and enthusiasm for the course. While the interviews are important, we do not select based on them alone. Your whole academic record, as well as the mathematics and physics entrance tests, is considered. We are much more interested in positive information than negative, so you should not feel that you have spoiled your chances by making a silly slip in the tests or by giving an answer at interview that you later regret. Although performance at GCSE or in similar examinations is taken into account, we are also aware that people mature in the sixth form: a less good set of grades at that level does not preclude the offer of a place nor, conversely, does an outstanding set of grades guarantee one. The full admissions criteria for Physics can be found at Some of our current undergraduates have volunteered to help out during the interview period. They will be available for the duration of your stay and will help you find you way at Wadham and to the second college. Look for the notice in the JCR. They should be able to explain anything that is unclear. If you need directions at any time during your visit or are unclear about your instructions, please ask the student hosts. Failing that, you should ask a student host to contact the Admissions Office, which is responsible for the administration of the entrance process. Apart from the interviews, your time is your own while you are in Oxford. You will find that you have plenty of uncommitted time which you can use to explore Oxford or locate the bookshops, most of which are in Broad Street. In particular, Blackwells has good stocks of science books in the Norrington Room. There will also be a physics lecture laid on in the Physics Department, which should be fun to go to. Details are given in a separate notice.

Dear Prospective Volunteers and Parents/Guardians,
Welcome to the Hillsborough Library’s Summer Volunteer Program! To be a volunteer, you must be entering grades 8-12
in the Fall of 2018. This program has been developed for local teens to be of service to the community through the
library, satisfy volunteer requirements, gain job skills, be a positive example for their peers and for younger patrons,
encourage library usage, and instill a love of reading in others.
This packet contains everything you need to know about volunteering over the summer. The first part of this packet will
offer a thorough explanation of our program. It is your responsibility to keep this portion of the application for your
records. Please note: As of 2016, teens new to the volunteer program will be required to submit two completed
reference forms with the application. Once your forms are submitted, you will not be required to hand in references for
the duration of your time volunteering as a teen.
The second part of this packet is the application, Teen Volunteer Agreement, your availability schedule, and two
reference forms (if needed). The second part needs to be filled out and handed in at the Youth Services Reference Desk
in the Children’s room by 5pm on Saturday, May 5, no exceptions. Applications from new volunteers will not be
accepted without the two completed reference forms. The Summer Volunteer Program begins on Monday, June 18th and
ends on Saturday, August 18th.
Once you make the decision to become a volunteer, you are considered a member of the SCLSNJ team and you are
expected to uphold certain responsibilities. For a full list of responsibilities, please read the Volunteer Agreement on
page 4. We ask that both the teen volunteers and their parents/guardians read all sections of our application,
and agree upon committing to the responsibilities expected of our library volunteers.
While we allow parents to pick up the volunteer application for their teens, we ask the volunteers to fill out and hand
in the application themselves. We also expect the volunteer to be in contact with us with any questions they might
have, scheduling issues, etc. While we understand a parent might have to reach out to us in emergency situations, it
should be the teen volunteer taking the responsibility to communicate with Mrs. Jansen
( or (908) 369-2200 x1247) or if unavailable, any library staff at the Youth Services
Reference Desk ((908) 369-2200 x8424).
Email is the main form of communication that we will use to contact our volunteers. Because of this, it is important
that volunteers provide us with a non-school email address that you check often. If you share an email with your parent,
it is important that you (the volunteer) are given the opportunity to read and respond to any volunteer emails
that are sent.
We want every volunteer’s experience to be fun, productive, and a great way to spend some time this summer.
We also want you to understand how important every volunteer is to the SCLSNJ Hillsborough Library branch during our
busiest months. We encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have before signing the Volunteer
Agreement and committing your time to us. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Mrs. Jansen
by phone at (908) 369-2200 ext. 1247 or email

Voter Information
Last Name * First Name *
Date Of Birth * MM/DD/YYYY County *
ZIP Code *

Dear Student: To qualify to pay in state fees, a student needs to meet both requirements of residency. These requirements are: intent to make California your home state, and being physically and continuously present in California for a year and one day before the residency determination date for the semester in which the student is planning to attend. Please download the Residency Affidavit from: It appears from the information that you have provided on your application for admissions that you are currently attending or attended an out of state college last semester; or you are attending an online program at an out of state school and, as a result, that information has classified you as a nonresident student. You may be able to provide the necessary documentation to meet that requirement by choosing one of the options below and provide the documentation that is described in the option you choose: 1. Provide the Residency Affidavit questionnaire and your parents’ 2014 California Income taxes indicating that you are their legal dependent as well as a copy of either parents’ California driver’s license that meets the year and one day residency requirement. If you filed 2014 California taxes you can provide them along with your California driver’s license that meets the year and one day residency requirement; or 2. You are able to reclassify under AB-540 if you attended a California high school for at least three years and graduated from a California high school. We will need official high school Transcripts, the Residency Affidavit, and the California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Form that you may download from our website; or 3. If you attended an out of state school and you were classified as a nonresident and paid nonresident fees, we will need a Verification letter from the out of state school, the Residency Affidavit, and two other California documents from the list that is provided in the Residency packet. Please note that we are unable to reclassify you as California resident without the Residency questionnaire and documentation. Once a student is classified as a nonresident student, California State Auditors require that we attach to the student’s application the Residency questionnaire and supporting documentation that indicates the student qualifies for in state fees. You will also need to process your residency reclassification before your registration date as fees are due upon registration. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thank you, Sonia De Leon Residency Specialist College of the Canyons Admissions and Records 661-362-3274

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