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I haven’t exactly been keeping current on
-hackers or -advocacy recently. Apologies G3TUP
if this reference was posted before.

“The new Unix alters NT’s orbit”
by Nicholas Petreley

Great, solid anti-NT arguments, noting the
emergence of Unix on Intel, naming Linux and
FreeBSD multiple times. He even cites better performance
using FreeBSD or BSDI on the same hardware as NT.

Considering that Petreley writes many Linux-based
articles (mostly documenting his test cases with
Caldera and RedHat), this was an extremely nice piece
mentioning FreeBSD.

— Adam
n Sun, 26 Apr 1998, Don Wilde wrote:

>Jordan has suggested articles for the popular press as a Really Good
>Thing, and I agree. I have a good one in the back of my mind and I have
>done professional writing in a previous incarnation, so this is what I
>will concentrate on as my primary focus.

That darn Jordan. His Coreness is always trying to be sensible and
pragmatic. No wonder FreeBSD is so good.

I think this approach is a good one. The essence of BSDism is not
glitz, IMHO.

Hey! Consider this. There is a certain _newsletter_ that really needs some
more production. That mechanism is already in place. Let’s officially
place the newsletter under the jurisdiction of -advocacy.

It could be a precursor to a very useful “Linux Journal” type document.

Nicole writes:

> MS – where do you want to go today?
> FreeBSD – Been there done that.. Next..

I like this one the best, but I’d have to say that a “plain” bumper sticker
with the standard “Powered by FreeBSD” (with the lovely picture of Chuck that
we are all familiar with) would look PERFECT on my 4×4 (right next to the
“And God said… … and then there was LIGHT!” sticker).

In other words, I’d like the (official?) “Powered by FreeBSD” sticker the best.

— Important part follows —

I recently spoke with a company (Pegasus Publishing, that
prints bumper stickers, and they said that they would be willing to make
FreeBSD stickers. I got permission from McKusick (or however you spell his
name) to print the exact sticker I mentioned above (Powered by FreeBSD) to make
10 for personal use (not for sale), but was unable to hunt down a suitable
graphic on the WWW (or anywhere else). I’m sure getting his permission to
print stickers for sale won’t be a problem.

They need a very high resolution graphic that is fairly large. I have the
exact dimensions in another mailbox. If anyone would like me to post them, let
me know.

PLUG: Go to Pegasus’ web page! They have lots of really cool stuff for sale.
Cthulhu/Lovecraft, role-playing/fantasy, and all sorts of other memorabilia for
the hard-core geek. Not just stickers but t-shirts and other junk. Enjoy.

Anthony C. Chavez

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