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With the upcoming season of Overwatch League kicking off on January 10, there’s much anticipation brewing from esports enthusiasts and casual fans of Blizzard’s popular hero shooter. Coming off of the successful pre-season, which ended this past December, the 12 teams from across the globe will vie to stake their claim for the top spot of Overwatch League, culminating in the eventual playoffs later this year.

In this gallery, we’ll run down the current teams and rosters set for this season of Overwatch League. From across the globe, many players will represent several teams from Pacific and Atlantic divisions, where they’ll compete in several games with rival squads, and work their way up the ladder.

For more info on the competition, check out our guide on everything you need to know about Overwatch League and how to watch Overwatch League. There are also new team skins to get your hands on.
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Spoiler alert: This recap contains many details from Tuesday’s episode of This Is Us.

Beloved memories of a dead father collide with present-day Pearson family tensions in one of the most emotionally riveting This Is Us scenes — and that’s saying something — in Tuesday’s midseason return of NBC’s hit drama.

“The Fifth Wheel” brings the family, and their significant others, together at the rehab facility where Kevin (Justin Hartley) is being treated after his drunk-driving arrest in November’s fall finale.

But it’s a confrontational therapy scene involving the core Pearson clan — Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and her “Big 3” adult children Kevin, Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) — that stands out, as memories of their dead father Jack infuse the proceeding.

“You have all the living (Pearson) players in a room together in a 12-minute scene that’s about things that are very real, very raw,” Hartley tells USA TODAY. “You’re talking to the people you love and saying things that are going to hurt and cut deep but need to be said. There’s some painful stuff.”

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Connor McManigal was shaken awake by his father. Flash floods had forced Montecito Creek to erupt, sending torrents of muddy water barreling through the hillsides.

The two scrambled to escape but were swept up in the deluge and separated. McManigal, 23, was whisked nearly a mile away down the road. His 64-year-old father is still missing.

The mudslide that slammed into the family’s neighborhood, destroying homes and killing at least 13, happened suddenly in the early morning darkness. But it was not without warning.

For days, officials advised residents in areas burned by the Thomas fire that a coming storm could bring major mudflows. The McManigals’ neighborhood was under a voluntary evacuation order.

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