Dear Friend

Dear Friend

Compliment of the season, Please I pray that my decision to contact you will be considered, I seek for your assistance and partnership in investing my money that was deposited by my late mother Nina Zola Mpho Botha, and she was adopted by Anna Elizabeth (Elize) Botha wife to late former 6th State President of South Africa Pieter Willem Botha, Republic of South Africa. She died on 6 June 1997 while my mother dies on 10th April 2017 after a long battle with illness.

I am Miss Rebecca Mpho Elizabeth (Botha). I am 19 years old. My late mother told me that Pieter Willem Botha is my biological father due to family relationship, his legacies and political positions ETC She decide to keep the pregnancy and move to other town. She deposited the sum of USD 10.5 Million on my behalf with the bank, I had the plans to transfer the money and have it invested on your care and guide and pursue my education and career elsewhere.

I was moved to contact you believing that you can be relied upon to handle this business for me. I am convinced you would be of great help in assisting me to move and invest the sum of USD10.5 million into a profitable business. Please I humbly request that you do not blackmail my position. My solicitation is for real and my intentions are genuine. This is the only hope left for me to continue a new life and I believe that you will understand my situation.

I will give you more information and my photos as soon as I hear from you. I have decided to offer you 20% of the total amount of money as a compensation for your efforts and troubles which is for your honest and sincere assistance to me, and then we agree on handling and controlling the investment while I continue my education.

If I could have your attention or Reply with your full name and mobile number, I would avail you with further details of my person, situations and how we can handle this.

Please you can contact me with this email address; (

Best Regards,

Miss Rebecca Mpho Elizabeth

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