Global Investment Management Group.

Dear sir,

Reddensen Wealth Group is a global investment management group. Reddensen Group manages well over $5B dollars portfolio in a monthly return on investment (ROI) cycle generating high yield interest of about 22.35% monthly, funds are moved through all members account and traded in a volatile and demanding global money market.

What do I need to join & how do I become a member?
Reddensen Investment group is a closed circle. Membership is by recommendation. The selected and privileged few can earn thousands of dollars monthly after every trading cycle.

If you have a bank account are trustworthy, over 25 years in age, you can join our group to earn up to $50000 dollars monthly.
So right now, I am recommending you and I want to encourage you to join the Reddensen Group, I am ready to do all within my limits to help you get on board.

Kindly get back to me and let me know your decision.

Thank you and best regards.

Mark Francoise

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