Have you received your funds?

Good day,

Have you received your funds of $10.5 Million dollars from the IRS / Homeland office If not contact the information below, This mail has been securely verified from the Homeland Security office United States.

Homeland Security US Department
Office Address : Federal Government Office 300 7th St SW
Office Secretary : Mr. Mike Allen
Contact Email : homelandmikeoffice@gmail.com

We are happy to inform you from our office here in Washington that we have recovered the sum of Ten Million five hundred thousand United State dollars from those internet fraudster and imposters who have scammed people of their money, with the help of the international Criminal Committee and also the{F.B.I}.

The reason for contacting you is that we have found your email to be among the people who are to be compensated with the sum above as your email and name has fall among our list of beneficiaries to pay. You don’t have to worry as long as you follow all the instruction from Mike Allen who is to approve and direct your payment funds to you.

We have informed Mike Allen to make arrangement for your payment to you which we believe is ready now with confirmation that as soon as you contact him then there should be no delay or problem on this as this is 100% real and legal.

Now understand that the United State Government or the Department of Treasury will not hold your payment for any reasons as long as this email get to you, then know that you have been selected to receive the payment without any delay it does not matter which country you are from know that there is all possible payment to you and have been confirm before sending you this email so be free to contact Mike Allen let him finish this transaction for you once and for all.

The IRS / Homeland have been waiting for you to get back to them all this time i see no reason why you should abandon your funds. Also make sure you Re-confirm your information to the IRS / Homeland to avoid any mistake.

You can also confirm your information below to the Homeland Security

Full Name :

Full Home Address :

Tel Phone Number :

Occupation :

Age :

Contact the IRS/Homeland Security as soon as this mail get to you to avoid any delay on your payment Mrs Wendy Brown have received her total fund of $ 10.5 million a week ago.

Your email will be responded to as soon as you confirm your information and we will treat it urgently and release your payment of Ten Million five hundred thousand United State dollars ($10.5 Million ) to you, please you are only advice to contact Mr. Mike Allen if you have not received your payment.

Homeland Security US Department
Federal Government Office
300 7th St SW.

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