I know my message will meet you as a surprise, my name is Anna Diaz
Esther,i am from Qatar but live in London, south of Scotland, i am a
widow i lost my husband seven years ago i decided not to remarry
because i am a good christian.

I have suffered with cancer for many years after the death of my
husband it has not been easy managing my cancer problem.

Recently my doctor told me that i will not last up to two months i
have been praying and searching through facebook and on the google to
find someone i can will my money to after my prayer i found you i have
decided to will my 3.6mud to you which you will use for charitable
organization to help the poor and needy this has been in mind since i
have no child of my own. i have decided you do this for me to keep my
dream and that of my late husband live.

let me know if you can handle this. as i will stay here in the
hospital till the day die my i can’t walk anymore i am writing you
with the help of a nurse.

Mrs. Anna

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