Please Help Me

Dearest One,

Greetings to you my dear. My name is Affoue, I am an orphan child that needed help from a God fearing someone like you. A little details about me, I am an adopted child from orphanage home by Mrs. Christiane Lindemann of late memory, she was a German Woman who came to Africa, Cote d’Ivoire precisely for missionary work. She died of cancer when I was 12years of age. May her soul rest in peace. I inherited some deposited amount of money from her which her lawyer just informed me of recent. According to her lawyer she wanted the fund to be transferred to Europe, Asia or USA, to a capable person who can help me relocate to his or her country and continue my education. This is the reason I contacted you to seek your assistance in receiving the fund, help in some good investment project and support me to relocate to your country. I will give you the full details of the deposited fund as soon as I confirm your willingness to assist me.

Sincerely yours
Affoue Koua Lindemann

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