RBC) Royal Bank Of Canada.

RBC) Royal Bank Of Canada.
1122 International Blvd. Burlington,
Ontario L7L 6Z8 Canada.

$12,000,000,000.00 USD Payment notification from Royal Bank Of Canada (RBC).

Dear Beneficiary,

The Board of Trustees and Management of (RBC) Royal Bank Of Canada wish to
officially inform you today that your outstanding Coca-Cola Company Winning
fund valued at the total sum of US$12,000,000,000.00 (Twelve million United
States Dollars) which was deposited with our bank here in Canada to your name
many years ago has been legally approved and Authorized by the European Union
committee on Foreign Payment Resolution, following with the payment release
letter we received from the Canadian Finance Ministry and Canadian Ambassador
to U.S, for onward transfer, therefore, an instruction to credit your fund
have been given to this Bank by the (FRB) Federal Reserve Bank Of Scotland for
immediate release of your fund to your bank account.

Be informed that your fund transfer notification latter has been forwarded to
the Central Bank Of Canadian and to the General Director Of (I.M.F)
International Monitoring Fund Office in America for final approval, and this
is because to transfer such huge amount of money we really have to notify
every offices that is concern in any International fund transfer that is
moving out
of Canada just to avoid any problem when making the payment to your bank
account, but we have successfully gotten some of the fund release approval
documents from the legal department regarding this transaction.

Note that the (RBC) Royal Bank Of Canada Established in Ontario as of 1782 by
Charles III, today the bank is a member of the Canadian System of Central
Banks. It is also the national supervisor of all the banking system around
Canada, and as such any transaction made out of this bank must go successfully
into the beneficiary’s bank account without any hitch, and be informed that
every documentations required in your fund transfer must be fully secured and
send to you as soon as possible for proof and file keeping before we can

However, we the Royal Bank Of Canada hereby advise you to quickly reconfirm
your full banking information to this bank before we can proceed with the claim
process of your fund, and this is to avoid any mistake or wrongful transaction,
and we will not be responsible for any lost of fund, so as a result of this we
now advise you to kindly get back to us with your Residential Home Address and
your complete Banking details as to enable the management of this bank
facilitate the smooth release of your fund to your account.

Upon the confirmation of your full details as instructed we will send our Bank
Attorney to proceed with securing of the necessary legal documents in your name
with immediate effect, and note With the transfer arrangements in place, you
are advised to send your
Mandatory Endorsement fees which include, Fund Registration Fee Documentation &
Stamp Duty Fees and Cost of Transfer Immediately as requested by the Department
of Finance and International Remittance Department Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
in accordance with the
stipulations and foreign transfer regulation act. The Total fees for your fund
are $98.00USD as indicated.You should be aware of the fact that your prize
money is under insurance coverage and as result of that the transfer charges
cannot be deducted from the winning sum until your prize money is transferred
to you wholesomely without tampering by any person, no charge/charges can be
withdrawn or deducted from your winning fund until the fund is transferred into
your nominated bank account.Please contact me through email

kindly send the funds directly to our attorney in Benin, your lottery
Agent to pay to us and he has to come with the money including the
Power of Attorney to our bank, pay the charges and Sign the release order and
necessary document on your behalf. You will receive the MT100 payment
confirmation slip of your fund on your conclusions with sending the requested
Fund Registration Fee, Documentation & Stamp Duty Fees and Cost of Transfer

Money transfer Advice is below please…Send it Through money Gram
Transfer Service

Receiver’s Name:……….. .IBE FRED
Country:…………………Benin Republic
City:…………………… Cotonou
Text Question……………..In God
Text Answers………………We Trust

Important:After paying the fee, send me the payment slip confirmation
of the transaction for record keeping.

Sender’s name……..
Sender’s address…….
Sender’s telephone…..

We do not accept Bank Certified Drafts, Cheques, Credits or Cover Notes in
reference to the above payment as funds below USD10, 000 are made payable via
Cash Counter Payment.

We awaiting your immediate response with your information to enable this bank
proceeds with the transfer of your approved fund and serve you better as we
were directed by the Canadian Government.
Thank you for choosing Royal Bank Of Canada.

Yours Faithfully,

The President and CEO.
(RBC) Royal Bank Of Canada

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  1. these bastards are preying on the elderly in all parts of the usa in trying to get your personel informations. i aim to find out whos sending this crap and file a lawsuit against them


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