Hello dear,

Good day, how is everything with you? I am sorry

for approaching you in this manner, just that my present situation has

compelled me to initiate this contact.

I am Anne Carnie

a citizen of Sierra-Leone, I lost my husband few years ago after

battling with brain cancer, before his death he was a successful businessman,

and he was dealing on gold and diamond. The reason I am contact you is to help

me check in your country if real estate business is lucrative there, also will

you be able to partner with me receive the sum of (USD10,500,000) presently

this fund is with financial institution is Republic of Benin.

He also has 250kg of AU Gold dust in Ghana which

I am also looking for good buyer as I am ready to sell the gold dust any amount

to raise more money for my proposed investment.

Since the death of my husband, his brothers have

been seriously chasing me around with constant threats; they have suppressed me

to the point of forcefully collected documents of his landed properties and

bank notes of local deposit. But I never disclose to them of this particular

deposit in Republic Benin and the AU Gold dust in Ghana. The situation became

so uncontrollable that I had to leave with my only son who is 7 years now for

our safety. You are the only person I am disclosing this information to; I am

in Porto-Novo at the moment, try and keep this information very confidential.

I wait for your reply; if you can partner with

me I shall send you more details. You can also call me on: +22998473181


Anne Carine

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