Since we can’t all win the lottery…(2 min Read)

Hey there…

Remember when you where a kid? You had no fears?

Then as you grew older things and circumstances climbed into

your head and you simply stopped dreaming?

Don’t worry, you are not alone.. I was in the same position after

I lost all that I had worked for and I found myself at the age of 44

not knowing where to turn…

I really was hoping I would WIN THE Lottery! Well then that

would save my bacon sure would!

Okay, get to the point already you are thinking right?

Okay, here’s the GOOD NEWS:

We are forming a Group of Fearless People and you really want to check this out..

Last night one of my good friends hosted a zoom meeting, sort of a Hangout where

we shared the exact steps on how to create $250 in 72 hours..

(a Private Meeting with 89 Folks in attendance!)

So I guess you could say, I am giving you an inside view so to speak..

Curious? Please go to my site here:

I really know you have been told this before, but this is way different

then anything I have been involved in.

Questions? Please reply and I can send you the replay.

Be sure when you sign up it says my name:

Mary Strater

With Gratitude,


PO Box 1075
Seaford Delaware 19973

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