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i know my message will come to you as a surprise, We are one of the
leading Loan investment Company in UAE, and active in the Gulf region
especially in United Arab Emirates. We had some official re-search to
firms who needs to venture into a large portfolio amount, which may be
such need of loan funding.

Globally, we look into financing lucrative projects that has a
lucrative goals to achieve in the future. Are you looking for the
workable finance or the financial freedom to expand and grow your
business and company? We can help your business or that of a
client/friend devise a plan for success.

If you have number of lucrative projects, you can move ahead to
present the same to us for proper review and also begin with further
mutual partnership.

For all types of companies – from small and medium enterprises to
large corporate firms, we will assist you so that your company gets
the right type of finance required for your business needs at lower
interest rates of 3% per annum, as well as fast approvals to help you
act fast on new opportunities and to meet immediate needs.

For more information about us, Kindly send your business email Address
so we can write you directly ,if you have need for our investment
facility for further discussion.

Your response will be of a good interest for us to carry out further
negotiation on your proposition.

Contact Person: Mr Hassan Osman
Asset Union Company
Dubai – United Arab Emirate

Best Regards
Mrs. Lina Smith

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