Dear Sir,

Please pardon me if i Intrude into your privacy, And may I humbly solicit your Confidence in this Transaction . I came to know about you in my Private Search for a Reliable and Reputable Foreigner to handle this Confidential Transaction.

My Name is Ms Maria Dembele ; Bank Manager of BOA BANK Abidjan Ci ; On the course of 2012/2013 Financial Report, A Surplus Profit of Fifteen Million Seven Hundred and Seventy Thousand Us Dollars , [ $ 15,770,000.00 ] Was Discovered and Placed in a SUSPENSE ACCOUNT without any Beneficiary.

As an Employee Of the Bank , I can NOT be Directly Connected to the Fund for Security Reasons, that is why I am contacting you for us to work together as partners to receive the said Fund in your account for INVESTMENT in your Country.

The percentage Ratio is thus: 40% for you , 60 % for me and my colleagues .

Note: There are practically no risks involved in this transaction as it is 100% risk free and shall be legally bonded, All I need From you is to stand as the BENEFICIARY to the Deposit .If you find this proposal suitable for you, kindly reply for full details and procedures .

I will appreciate it much, If this proposal is acceptable by you , and I assure you that we shall achieve our Goal successfully.

Best regards,

Ms. Maria Dembele

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