God bless you my friend
It is true we do not know each other before but please listen to me.
I write you this mail from the Hospital. My name is Mrs. Catherine Richard. I am a widow and very sick now, suffering from a long time Endometrial Cancer which my doctor told me that i may not survive it.
Due to the gravity of my sickness i have decided to donation out my late husband deposite fund sum of (US$ 5,500,000.00 million dollars) on Charity Purpose through your help since am very sick now and can not do that myself and I dont have any child or any avaliable relative to inherite the fund when i died because i was raise up in orpanage home. That is why i want to donate the fund now am still alive through your help.
I will tell you more about myself and my plans with this money when I hear back from you.
Please keep praying for me
Yours sister
Mrs. Catherine Richard

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