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Dear Software Explorer:

Thanks for your interest in FormDocs forms software!

Here are some important tips to help get you going with the free trial you downloaded from our website at http://www.formdocs.com/download_direct.htm

1. During install, if Windows prompts you with the ‘User Account Control’ alert, you can safely ignore the warning and select ‘Yes’ or ‘Continue’.

2. Click ‘Run’ to launch the FormDocs setup wizard.

3. At the last install screen select “FormDocs Filler” and press “Finish”. FormDocs Filler will start up.

4. To see a sample ‘Forms Database’ containing a number of completed forms, click “Open a sample form file” on the FormDocs ‘Welcome’ screen.

5. To see dozens of sample form templates that are ready to fill-in, click “Create a new form file” on the FormDocs ‘Welcome’ screen.

6. To modify one of the sample form templates, or to see how a form template is designed, press the ‘Design’ button on the main toolbar.
Alternatively, you can start FormDocs Designer directly from the Windows Start menu or the Desktop.

We love to answer questions about our software! Please contact us with any questions you may have by visiting: http://www.formdocs.com/support_contact.htm or call our pre-sales number at +1 (978) 685-8858 ext 1.

Best regards,
The FormDocs Team

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