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UMF Chompers beaver mascot standing in front of Merrill Hall
Congratulations on being admitted for Fall 2019!
So, what’s next? Don’t worry. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

Right now
Celebrate. Yell a hearty Woo-Hoo! Bust out a happy dance. Give a mighty fist-pump. Shout out to your friends on Snap, Insta and the Facebook. Do this immediately. You’ve earned it.
After you are accepted to Farmington (We’ve said “Yes” to you)
Say Yes to UMF! Submit the enrollment deposit and the Admission Reply Form to confirm your spot in the Class of 2023. It is due by May 1 but can be submitted whenever you are ready to say “Yes” to UMF!
If you haven’t already done so, set up your personal MaineStreet portal by going to You will need your Student ID number, username, and activation code (sent to you by mail after you applied).
Check your “” email at, or forward it to another email that you do check. It is how we will communicate with you. You can also opt in to receiving texts from us.
Check out our Instagram to see what happening at UMF. We’re @umainefarmington
Attend an Accepted Student Day. Take a closer look at Farmington by spending a day with our students, staff, faculty and with other admitted students considering Farmington. Watch for an invitation with dates coming to you by mail.
File the FAFSA (Free Application for Financial Aid). Farmington’s FAFSA code is 002040. Our priority deadline is March 1.
Check your MaineStreet portal for financial aid updates and other items on your “To Do” list.
Attend a reception for students admitted to Farmington to meet future classmates as well as current students, staff, and faculty.
After confirming in the Class of 2023 (You’ve said “Yes” to UMF)
Visit myCampus, your Farmington specific portal with a “New Student” section just for you. Go to and use your MaineStreet username and password to sign in. MyCampus will be available in mid February.
Join the UMF Facebook Class of 2023 group.
Complete the Housing Application and Room and Board License. These can be accessed on myCampus in February.
Complete the Financial Responsibility Statement, located on your “To Do” list in MaineStreet. This must be done before you can be registered for classes.
In late April, complete the Course Planning Form (on myCampus) so that your advisor can register you for classes. We will contact you if additional assessment is needed to place you in the right math or writing class.
Sign up for Summer Experience, an optional one week academic and social on-campus experience. It’s a great way to meet your new classmates, get a feel for what Farmington will be like — and earn UMF college credit.
Review and accept your financial aid awards on MaineStreet.
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University of Maine at Farmington
246 Main Street
Farmington, Maine 04938-1994
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Wow! Congratulations on being accepted into our Golden Eagle family!

We know this is a busy time, but take a moment – deep breath – and feel the excitement of this next step in your life. We will do our best to help you feel at home here, whether or not you live on campus. We know your dreams, your goals, your ambitions, can happen right here; that our innovative programming will help you make a bold statement – or a quiet one – about who you are. And we welcome you to our incoming class.

The next step? Once you pay your enrollment deposit, you will be eligible to attend SOAR (Summer Orientation and Registration). At SOAR, you can take care of everything from your class schedule, to meal plans, housing, parking passes and your student ID. You can meet with faculty, talk with financial aid, and get to know your fellow classmates. You have several days to choose from (and we encourage you to bring your parents as well).

Again, our congratulations on your acceptance! We are looking forward to seeing you on campus.

Office of Admissions
University of Charleston
2300 MacCorkle Ave., SE
Charleston, WV 25304


Dear BMH Summer Staff Applicant,
Thank you for applying for the 2018 BMH Summer Staff ministry. This packet is coming out
later than usual because I have just started as Executive Director on February 1st. I am not stranger to
BMH though! I’ve been bring young adults teams here for years and working with VIM and since I was
15 years old myself. I have blessed to be abe to share how God has worked in my life through mission
and believe strongly in BMH’s belief that our service together helps everyone to hear God’s presence and
purpose more clearly and with more joy! I am excited to say that this year we are being intentional about
inviting both American and Bahamian young adults to apply for Summer Staff. It is wonderful to see
how this program continues to grow through the years. Our Summer Staff is essential for hosting
volunteer teams and continuing to serve the community throughout the busy times of summer.
This packet serves to give you a realistic view and expectation of your potential time with us.
Please read the information then fill out and return the Application with all needed paperwork via email by
March 20th. We will then arrange and host an Online or Phone Interview with each qualified applicant by
March 30th
. Applicants will be notified by April 10th at the latest of our decision.
This year we have 12 openings. We are looking for four staffers to create a Leadership team
to assist with staff training, lead satellite sites, and stay for the full 11 weeks of the summer. We will
also be looking for four support staff to help with the running of the teams, in the office, on construction
sites, and around camp. The support summer staff will come for 4 or 7 weeks. The first session will
come to camp from May 22-July 10 (7 weeks). The 2
nd session will come to camp from July 11-Aug 8
(4 weeks).
It is exciting to look at 2018 with Hope and Promise that God is doing new things through this
ministry as we include new people and programs. We will continue to serve God’s people with the same
Spirit. God’s people will include families here in The Bahamas that have no running water or live under a
leaky roof as well as the weekly volunteers who are searching for God’s calling in their lives and even
some of the staff. You will be a major factor in serving in whatever way God calls you through BMH. We
ask that you be open to that calling and prepared for a life changing experience. Thank you again for your
willingness to join us while we Love and Serve God throughout The Bahamas.
& The Bahamas Methodist Habitat Family

512 SE 25th Ave.
Pratt, KS 67124-8174
Phone: (620) 672-5911
Fax: 620-672-6020
Robin Jennison, Secretary Sam Brownback, Governor
Dear Volunteer Boating Instructor Applicant:
Thank you for your interest in the Kansas Boating Education Course (KBEC). Offering this program to
Kansas’ boaters is one of the most important duties of the Boating Education Section of KDWPT. The
goals of the course include the reduction of boating accidents and violations, promotion of boating risk
management and enhancing the quality of boating through wise use of Kansas’ aquatic resources. Your
efforts will help further these goals through education by increasing the availability of the Kansas Boater
Safety Course.
This packet contains information and materials you need to apply for certification as a KBEC Instructor.
Please review this information thoroughly. This packet includes:
1. KBEC Instructor Application and Certification Steps: Outlines all the steps required for
the application and certification process.
2. KBEC Instructor Position Description: Describes the Minimum Qualifications for
applicants and the Duties and Responsibilities of certified instructors.
3. KBEC Instructor Application (KBEC 3214): Once this application is approved you will
become an eligible candidate to enroll in an Instructor Certification Course.
4. Authority to Release Information (KBEC 3215): This form permits completion of a
required background check which is necessary to become an eligible candidate.
Once you have met all the Minimum Qualifications listed on the Job Description page, submit the
KBEC Instructor Application (KBEC 3214) and Authority to Release Information (KBEC 3215) along
with a photocopy of your Kansas Boater Safety Course certificate to:
KDWPT Boating Education
ATTN: Boating Education Coordinator
512 SE 25th Ave
Pratt, Kansas 67124
Thank you for your interest in the state’s boating education program. You will be contacted regarding
the status of your application in approximately four weeks after submitting your application.
Chelsea Hawk, Boating Education Coordinator
Phone: 620-672-0770
Instructor Applicant Packet
Rev. June 7, 2018
Dear Applicant,
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 is federal legislation that
supports the rights of people with disabilities to participate more fully in
community life. As required by the ADA, all Community and Everett Transit
buses and facilities are fully accessible for people with disabilities. For ease of
entry, all buses kneel (lower to ground level), or have ramps and/or lifts. In
addition, other accommodations such as wheelchair securement areas,
audible and visual stop announcements, and free training to learn how to use
the bus (call 425 348-2379 for more information), make regular bus service
possible for most people with disabilities.
The existence of a disability does not, by itself, qualify you for paratransit
service. Eligibility is based solely on your functional ability to use the regular
bus. If the effects of your disability prevent you from getting to/from a bus
stop, waiting for a bus, getting on/off a bus, or navigating the bus system, you
may be eligible for some level of paratransit service. Eligibility determinations
are based upon the limitations caused by your disability and will be tailored to
your individual abilities. You may qualify for partial or full service.
Paratransit service is similar to the regular bus in fare structure, days, hours,
and service area. Our service is available within 3/4 mile of the regular, fixedroute bus route, on the same days and during the same hours the regular bus
service is offered.
After you submit your application, we may request you to participate in an inperson functional assessment. Your application will not be considered
complete until all requested information is provided to us. Once we have
received all of the necessary information, an eligibility determination will be
made within 21 days. You will be notified by mail of the decision.
Eligibility determination provided by
Homage Senior Services
5026 196th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036
425-347-5912 800-562-1381
Rev. June 7, 2018
If you feel that, due to the effects of your disability, you are unable to
successfully travel using the regular bus, some or all of the time, please
complete the application form.
Complete pages 1-5 of the application form (please print clearly)
Ensure the applicant, legal Guardian, or, if applicable, their Power of
Attorney (POA) signs the application on page 5. If signed by a
Guardian or POA, current documentation must be included with
the application. A signature is required before an application will be
If the applicant has a guardian, the guardian is required to sign
the application.
The parent or legal guardian of a minor is required to sign the
Ensure page 6 is completed and signed by an approved provider (see
list of approved providers on page 5).
Everything must be completed and legible or the application will be
Mail the completed and signed application, and any appropriate or supporting
paperwork, to:
Rider Eligibility
5026 196th St SW
Lynnwood, WA 98036
Please contact Customer Service, at 425 347-5912, with any questions.
Deborah Perry
ADA Eligibility Specialist
Eligibility determination provided by
Homage Senior Services
5026 196th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036
425-347-5912 800-562-1381
1 Rev. June 7, 2018

Paratransit Application for Dial a Ride (DART) and Everett Para Transit
This application is exclusivelyfor current residents of Snohomish County, Washington.
Part 1: Applicant Information (please write clearly)
Last name___________________First name________________Middle initial ______
Date of birth________-________-_______ Gender (please circle) M F
Residence address __________________________________ Unit/Sp/Apt # ______
Name of Complex or Facility: _____________________________________________
Home Phone _____________________ Cell Phone __________________________
Mailing address, if different: Name _______________________________________
Street or PO Box ______________________________________ Unit/Sp/Apt # _____
Emergency Contact: Name _____________________________________________
Relationship:________________ Home #______________ Cell #_______________
Part 2: Qualifying Disability Information (please write clearly)
1. List the health condition or disability that would prevent your use of the fixed route
bus, some or all of the time? List only the ones that impact your ability to use to
regular bus, and be specific.
Diagnosis / Disability Severity Date diagnosed
Client #_________ E__________ T________ DART USE ONLY LAST NAME
_______________________________________ FIRST NAME__________________________________ INITIAL _____
ADA Code ________ Temp _______ Duration _______ INC / DEN / CERT Date __________________________________ Agency
ACS __________ Date __________ Status __________ Funding Code __________ FA _____________ Due By _____________ ______________ MV1___________ 45 Days___________
2 Rev. June 7, 2018
2. Please explain how the condition or disability:
Prevents you from getting to or from a regular, fixed route bus stop?
Prevents you from waiting at a regular, fixed route bus stop?
Prevents you from getting on or off a regular bus?
Prevents you from being able to ride a regular, fixed route bus or to understand and
follow transit instructions?
o Are you on any medication that affects your functional abilities? Yes _____ No _____
If yes, specifically what side effect(s) are you experiencing?
Physical mobility (if applicable): Permanent _____ Temp / Expected duration _______
o Is walking detrimental to your condition? ______
How far can you walk, with or without a mobility aid? ___________________________
Specifically, what, if anything, limits your ability to walk?
o Circle any of the following that you are unable to do, with or without a mobility aid?
Up/down a moderately steep hill Uneven terrain Stand for 20 minutes
Tolerate cold Tolerate heat
Seizures (if applicable): Permanent _____ Temp / Expected duration ______________
o Type and frequency of seizure? ___________________________________________
Vision (if applicable): Permanent _____ Temp / Expected duration ________________
o What is your uncorrected visual acuity? R:________ L: ________
o What is your corrected visual acuity? R: _______ L: ________
o Have you had mobility training related to your vision impairment?
Yes _____ No _____ Unknown _____
3 Rev. June 7, 2018
Cognitive (if applicable): Permanent _____ Temp / Expected duration _____________
o Are you able to follow verbal directions? Yes ________ No ______
o Are you able to follow written directions? Yes ________ No ______
o Are you able to maintain personal safety in the community (i.e. cross streets, interact
with strangers, get help if lost, etc.)? Yes ______ No ______
Psychological (if applicable): Permanent _____ Temp / Expected duration _________
o Please answer questions under Cognitive section above.
o Are there any behavioral issues that would impact your use of public transportation
(which is what paratransit is)? If so, what are they?
o Are your mental health issues currently controlled by medication?
Yes _____ No _____ At times _____
Part 3: Mobility (please write clearly)
1. How have you most recently been traveling? CHECK ALL THAT APPLY:
Community Transit Bus DART Walk
Everett Transit Bus Everett Paratransit Bicycle
Metro Transit Bus Access Paratransit Drive
Sound Transit Bus Hopelink Taxi
Train Ride in a Car
If you are able to drive, will you be doing so in the future? Yes ___ No ___
2. Have you ever used the regular, fixed route buses independently?
Yes, I typically used regular buses _____ a week.
Yes, I used to but stopped because (please be specific)
3. What accommodations would assist you in using the fixed route bus system?
Route & schedule information Bus stops closer to home/destination
Accessible bus stop and pathway Bench/shelter at bus stop
No transfers Training to use the fixed route bus
Other ____________
4 Rev. June 7, 2018
4. Because of your disability do weather conditions (such as heat, cold, rain, snow,
or ice), terrain conditions (such as hills, uneven surfaces, or curbs), or environmental
conditions (such as darkness, bright lighting, or air quality) prevent you from using a
regular bus independently?
No Yes – which ones and how?
5. Which of the following mobility aids or equipment do you use when you travel
outside of your home? Check all that apply.
None Walker (non-folding) White Cane
Leg Brace Manual Wheelchair Service Animal
Cane/Crutches Power Wheelchair Portable Oxygen
Walker (folding) Power Scooter Bus lift
Which mobility aid would you primarily use on paratransit? ___________________
6. If you use a wheelchair or scooter:
Make & Model ______________________________ Total length _____________
Total width _________ Chair weight ___________ Applicant weight __________
If you use a manual wheelchair: how far are you able to self-propel? ____________
If you use a power wheelchair/scooter: How far are you able to travel outside on
your own? _______
What would limit your abilities? ________________________________________
7. Do you need to travel with a Personal Care Attendant (PCA)?
A PCA is someone who travels with someone who cannot travel alone.
No – you may still have a companion travel with you whenever you wish.
Sometimes – at your discretion. You must arrange for your own PCA.
Yes – if you check this box you are saying that you will always have a PCA with
you. You understand that you must provide your own PCA as our drivers may
not serve as one.
If you answered “No” or “Sometimes” above, do you require assistance from your
door to the bus?
No Yes. What type of assistance? _________________________________
5 Rev. June 7, 2018
Part 4: Applicant Verification
Note: For the safety of everyone, DART and Everett Paratransit vehicles are
equipped with audio and video recording devices.
I certify under penalty of perjury (RCW 9A.72.030) that the information provided in this
application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that
falsification of information may result in denial of service and criminal penalty. I
understand that information provided on this application will be disclosed to others as
necessary to provide the services I have requested and as otherwise may be required
by law.
This form must be signed by the applicant, their Guardian, or, if applicable, by the
applicant’s Power of Attorney (POA). If the applicant is under 18 years of age, a parent
or legal guardian must sign this form. If the application is signed by a legal guardian
or POA, current documentation supporting the right to sign must be enclosed.
_______________________________________________ _____________________
Signature (required) Date
☐ Applicant ☐ Legal Guardian ☐ Power of Attorney
_______________________________________________ _____________________
Printed Name Contact number
If a person other than the applicant filled out this application, please complete the following
(please print).
Name _____________________________________ Phone # ___________________
Relationship to Applicant
Please Note: A licensed Medical or Mental Health provider, one who is most familiar
with you and your disability/limiting condition, must answer the questions on page 6 of
this application form. Approved providers are limited to the following professions.
My approved provider is a (please check the appropriate box below):
Medical Doctor (MD or DO) Psychologist (Ph.D.)
Physician Assistant or ARNP Mental Health Clinician III or IV
Ophthalmologist or Optometrist Audiologist (certified by ASHA)
Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist LICSW (employed at medical facility)
6 Rev. June 7, 2018
Part 5: Professional Verification
Applicant Name ______
Thank you for completing this application. We will use the information to help determine
paratransit eligibility in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Paratransit is a tax-supported service for individuals who, because of the effects of their
disabilities/limiting conditions, are not able to ride the regular ramp-equipped and
accessible bus. Age, language, convenience of the service, fear of falling, inability to
drive, and inability to carry packages are not qualifying factors for paratransit service.
Please call 425 347-5912 if you have any questions.
Please review the information provided by the applicant on this application form. Based on your
knowledge of the applicant’s condition, is the information accurate? Yes No Somewhat
If you checked No or Somewhat, please explain _______________________________________
Are there any changes or additions you would make to the list of stated Diagnosis/Disability shown
on page 1, Part 2 of this application? ________________________________________________
Provide any additional information that you deem relevant as to why the effects of the applicant’s
disability/limiting condition will prevent their use of the regular, fixed route bus system.
I am an approved provider (see page 5), licensed in Washington State in the field indicated
below, and certify that the above-mentioned individual has the disability and limitations
indicated above (RCW A.72.085 & RCW 40.16.030).
Professional Care Provider’s Signature Date
Professional Care Provider’s Name (Please Print) Phone
Mailing Address Clinic Name

Individual National Provider Identifier (NPI) or WA DOH License number
*This form considered incomplete

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