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Dear Customer,
Thank you for purchasing the product of brand Manta S.A. – the Polish distributor and
manufacturer of RTV, household and IT equipment. We hope that the use of our
equipment will bring you a lot of satisfaction and joy.
Before using the equipment, please read carefully installation procedures and operating
conditions described in the manual as well as on the Warrantor’s website.
In case of any problems, please contact Customer Service Department Manta S.A.
Terms of warranty
The warranty period is:
a. 24 months from the date of sale – according to the date on the proof of purchase
and warranty card.
b. 6 months from the date of sale for parts and accessories subject to wear, such as:
batteries, rechargeable batteries, chargers, cables, remote controls.
The warranty covers the products distributed in Europe.
The warranty card is valid if it is drawn up on the original form and contains the following
information: the name, model and serial number of the equipment, date of sale and
seller’s seal. Making any deletions or amendments in the warranty card entails its
cancellation. The warranty rights are implemented upon presentation of the valid and
correctly filled warranty card together with the proof of purchase.
The warranty covers only damages and defects resulting from the causes inherent in the
sold unit.
The warranty does not cover:
– mechanical damages and the defects caused by them,
– damages resulting from misuse, inconsistent with the manual and safety rules use and
storage of the product,
– damages caused by external factors, such as flooding with liquid, moistness (e.g. by
precipitation or condensation of water vapour at variable temperatures), too high or too
low temperature, lighting, chemical agents and other ones beyond the control of the
– damages resulting from unauthorized repairs, alterations, software changes made by
the purchaser or unauthorized persons,
– damages resulting from natural wear and tear such as: scratches, dirt, abrasions,
wiping of inscriptions etc.,
-damages or malfunctions caused by improper installation of the equipment cooperating
with the product,
– headphones for MP3 and MP4 players are added free of charge and are not subject to
– operations listed in the manual for execution by user e.g. equipment installation,
programming, cleaning and maintenance,
– products in which warranty seal was removed or damaged.
The warranty covers the products used solely for non-business purposes. The warranty
does not cover the products exploited for profit-making purposes.
The customer may be charged for transport and diagnosis of the product when the
product sent to the service station within warranty claim is operational or misconfigured.
The warranty covers free of charge replacement of spare parts supplied by Manta S.A.
needed for repair and labour during the warranty period. Defects detected during the
warranty period can be removed only by Manta authorized service stations the addresses
of which are available on the Warrantor’s website.
Defects found during the warranty period will be repaired free of charge as soon as
possible without a maximum of 21 working days from the date the equipment is accepted
for repair. This time-limit may be prolonged if the repair requires import of spare parts or
because of import/export restrictions for spare parts or other legal regulations and other
circumstances on which Manta S.A. company has no influence.
Manta S.A. does not bear responsibility for any financial loss or other civil law
consequences caused by a defect in the claimed device. It regards in particular: loss of
turnover, profit, possible benefits, loss of data, information and media damage.
Manta S.A. does not bear responsibility for the content, reliability or availability of
services and applications contained in the devices and delivered by third parties. Services
and applications are provided in the state in which they are.
Manta S.A. does not bear responsibility for any accessories that do not constitute a
purchased set and additional elements attached to the device for the duration of the
In case it is needed to deliver the equipment to the service station, the Customer is
obliged to send the equipment in the original factory packaging together with all fillers.
Otherwise the risk of damage of the equipment during transport in both directions is
borne by the Customer. Cash on delivery parcels will be not accepted by Manta S.A..
In case a defect is found the Customer may submit a claim at the place of purchase of
the equipment or, if it is not possible, through Customer Service Department Manta S.A.
to the telephone number (22) 332 34 63 or using the contact form located on the
Warrantor’s website.
The customer is obliged to check the condition of the received equipment in the presence
of the courier company’s representative immediately upon receipt. In case of damage of
the shipment a protocol of damage must by drawn up that will be the basis for pursue
possible warranty claims.
The warranty does not exclude, limit or suspend the rights of the buyer arising from the
local regulations regarding Consumer’s rights.
Monitors, television receivers, smartphones and tablets can have:
– 4 defective pixels (dead pixels, points permanently unlit);
– 5 defective pixels permanently lit in white;
– 10 defective subpixels that is points lit in the colour – red, green or blue.
In case the panel exceeds the principles given above, it is subject to warranty repair in
the manner established by the Warrantor.
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