Wal-Mart Stores Evaluation – Entree Level Job Offer & Opportunity



You have been randomly selected from your community social network to take part in a brief Walmart Store Survey and Evaluation with a Shopping experience at any Walmart Store nearest to you. 


This is an entree level freelance job opportunity as it does not disturb any work/job that you have going for you at the moment. In fact it is a great way to earn extra wages. Your earn no less than $350 per each visit and evaluation at the Walmart Store. And it does not take more of your time, you will only spend 20 minutes or less during assessment and if you can visit 2 or more Walmart stores in a day… you get $350×2 ($700) or more..



 # You will be assigned to visit a Wal-Mart Store to evaluate the retail experience, products and services

 # You need to “pretend” to be a normal potential customer who is looking for a particular service or product.

 # You will then finish an on-line questionnaire to share with us your customer experience



 # Must be 19 years of age or older.

 # No experience is needed as such, as you only do shopping.

 # Must have good written communication skills in English.

 # Must have internet access (at home or at work) for follow up of instructions via email on a regular basis.



 # You will get $350 for each visit, assessment and evaluation.

 # And if you can visit 2 or more Walmart stores in a day, you get $350×2 ($700) or more..


This opportunity is a gender-neutral evaluation system that assesses jobs on skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions. It focuses on the nature and requirements of the job itself, rather than on the skills or qualifications of a particular incumbent. Performing brand assessment is a great way for you to make additional income while helping companies to enhance their level of customer service. 


If you are interested in applying for consideration as a Brand Assessor and meet the following criteria to become part of our team for the Walmart Survey/Evaluation and Shopping experience… please complete and submit the below information as required:


To apply and get started, reply back with the following information as illustrated below i.e;


 1. First Name:

 2. Last Name:

 3. Email:

 4. Street:

 5. City-States

 6. ZIP Code:

 7. Phone:

 8. Gender:


Once again, if interested… endeavor to reply back with the above information for follow up of your application in consideration for approval to be a Brand Assessor and join our team for the Walmart Store Survey, Evaluation and Shopping experience… 


Thank you in anticipation for your participation to help us in helping Walmart Stores provide the best experience possible.




The Recruitment Team

Employee Services 

Jeon Jong Won – Regional Personnel & Co-ordinator

Official Brand Assessor & Recruitment Officer


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