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Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) was started in 1975 by filmmaker George Lucas, in order to create the special effects for the original Star Wars film. Since then, ILM has grown into a visual effects powerhouse that has contributed not just to the entire Star Wars series, but also to films as diverse as Forrest Gump, Jurassic Park, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Terminator 2. ILM has won numerous Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects, not to mention a string of Clio awards for its work on television advertisements.


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Gamer Launch
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Stephen Johnston here, President of Gamer Launch. I’m really excited to have you join our team and can’t wait to show you just how epic our guild hosting is.
Pedagogy & Physicalization: Designing Learning Activities around Physical Data Representations
derick, pas le temps de tergiverser, fais tes pronos pour les 64 matchs (tu pourras ensuite les changer jusqu’à 1mn avant le début d’un match).

Hi folks,

I have looking insights / lessons learned on similar deployments to the
above? I know that stretched layer 2 is not ideal.

I am connecting two small DC footprints and have a potential requirement to
‘securely’ carry internet edge traffic as part of an active/active DIA with
one location acting as failover for the other..

areer Growth often rewards to the one who continuously upskills and stays current with the industry. What got you here may not get you there! Are you wondering just what it takes to stand out in this crowd and take your career to the next level leveraging new age skills like Product Management, UX and Data Science?
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Pedagogy & Physicalization: Designing Learning Activities around Physical Data Representations

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Hello Jack,
Thanks for joining the Gates Notes Insider community!
Before you go out and play on Gates Notes,
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