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Appendix – Visa’s fraud mitigation tools

Visa offers important verification and fraud mitigation tools to help merchants, acquirers and issuers

determine the level of fraud risk associated with a transaction before an approval or decline decision is

made. Utilizing Visa’s Fraud Tools can give your customers greater peace of mind to make purchases with

Visa Debit on your website. These tools require no changes to processing if already in use for Visa credit

transactions on your website today. For merchants, participation is optional but strongly encouraged.

Card Verification Value (CVV2)

Also known as the Visa three-digit security code, CVV2 is the 3 numbers on the back of Visa cards, printed

at the end of the signature panel, in a white box outside of the signature panel or on the front of a

Virtual Visa Debit reference card. The 3-digit security code is a crucial security feature on Visa cards that

helps merchants validate purchases made with Visa cards. By asking for more information to complete a

Visa transaction during a phone or online transaction, Visa helps to mitigate potential fraudulent

transactions. CVV2 are required to be on the card and Visa always recommends the use of CVV2; however,

if your existing processing does not use CVV2 then Visa Debit will not make it a requirement to do so.

Address Verification Services (AVS)

AVS helps to ensure that the person making the purchase with Visa is the same person who receives

the account’s monthly statement. By matching the billing address the Visa Issuer has on file against the

billing address provided during check-out, merchants and issuers work together to ensure that lost or

stolen Visa cards are not being used in card-not-present environments to purchase goods or services.

For account holders, AVS means that unless the correct billing address is provided to the online, mail

or telephone order merchant during check-out, the transaction will not be completed which may

stop a fraudulent purchase from being made. An address will be required for delivery and can also aid

authentication where the issuer validates that address. AVS is not required for Visa Debit however Visa

always recommends the use of AVS.

Verified by Visa®(VbV )

VbV is a program designed to help make shopping online more secure. When account holders register

a password for their Visa credit account or Visa Debit with the VbV service, and shop at VbV enabled

merchants, they get greater protection against unauthorized use of their Visa accounts online. As a

merchant you are ensuring that you are not accepting fraudulent transactions on your website and

gain protection from fraud-related chargebacks when the account holder is successfully authenticated –

with minimal impact to the current transaction process.

© 2014 Visa. All Rights Reserved.

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