Fraudulent Commodity website. Fraudulent Commodity website.

Is really legit? is a Commodity scam which is a Non-Delivery Scam created by criminals in order to steal from unsuspecting consumers.
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What information do we have about

Is legit or a scam?

Creating fake websites is easier than making real ones. Bad actors often copy everything from a genuine website that someone spent a lot of time building. They then just change the name to create a new, made-up website. is one of these deceptive websites. The people behind it have several such sites, all stolen from real online stores. Their goal is to trick people into paying for things that they never actually plan to deliver.

As well as running Commodity scams, the criminal behind also operate multiple other non delivery scams.

Screenshot of taken on Friday the 1st of March 2024
Screenshot of taken on Friday the 1st of March 2024

Who created and how can I contact them?

A non-delivery scam, also known as an order scam or purchase scam, occurs when someone pays for goods or services online, but the seller fails to deliver the promised items. In such scams, individuals or fake businesses may set up deceptive websites or online marketplaces, offering attractive products or services at seemingly reasonable prices.

After making a payment, the victim typically receives no or fake tracking information, and the purchased items are never shipped. The scammer disappears with the money, leaving the buyer without the intended product or service.

Non-delivery scams are a common type of online fraud, and they can involve various goods or services, including electronics, clothing, event tickets, or even pets. To avoid falling victim to such scams, it's crucial to research and verify the legitimacy of online sellers, use secure payment methods, and be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true. Contact Details

It is not easy to find traceable contact details for The phone numbers they use are virtual and the email address is practically untraceable. Any address that they use on their contact page is going to be false, the address may be real, but is not based there.

Phone number used:

Email address used:

Whois details for

Registrar HOSTINGER operations, UAB
Date Registered Monday 13th November 2023
Registered until
Name Servers,
Contact Name Domain Admin
Contact Email [email protected]
Server Location Burlington, US

What do the WHOIS details tell us?

Looking at the Whois details for we can see that it was registered on Mon, 13 Nov 2023

Examining the registration details of reveals that it was only registered on Monday 13th November 2023, 1 year ago. Despite presenting itself as a credible and established e-commerce platform, this relatively recent registration raises concerns. What adds to this suspicion is that the domain is scheduled to expire on Friday, 2nd February 2024, a timeframe uncommon for authentic business websites but characteristic of Non-Delivery scams, where the intention is not to keep the website operational for an extended period. The WHOIS details indicate that the domain is officially registered with HOSTINGER operations, UAB by Domain Admin ([email protected]). However, scammers frequently employ tactics such as using free, anonymous email addresses, fake names, or hiding behind anonymous registrations when creating new websites.

Furthermore, a critical aspect to consider is the hosting environment. Legitimate e-commerce platforms operated by reputable businesses often opt for more expensive hosting with a dedicated IP address, ensuring that only websites associated with the specific business are hosted on that server. In contrast, scammers tend to choose cheaper shared hosting options, sharing server space with numerous other websites. In more sophisticated cases, adept scammers might even purchase a dedicated IP address and host various scams on the same nameserver., in this instance, is hosted on,

A comprehensive examination of other domains hosted on the same nameserver, accessible through, can provide valuable insights. The shared hosting scenario, especially with a generic nameserver, raises suspicions of potential fraudulent activities. As prudent online users, it’s crucial to exercise caution and thoroughly evaluate the legitimacy of recently registered domains, considering factors such as registration duration, expiration dates, WHOIS details, and hosting arrangements, to mitigate the risk of falling victim to scams.

How do I get my money back from

It is not easy to get your money back from

Did you use a credit card or debit card to make the payment?

Get in touch with the company or bank that gave you the credit or debit card. Tell them about the unauthorized charge and request them to cancel the transaction and refund your money.

Did you use a gift card for payment?

Reach out to the company that issued the gift card. Inform them that the card was used in a scam, and request a refund. Make sure to retain both the gift card and its receipt.

Did you use a company like Western Union or MoneyGram to send money via a wire transfer?

Get in touch with the company you used for the wire transfer. Let them know it was a scam, and request them to undo the transfer and return your money.

Contact details for specific companies:

  • MoneyGram: Call 1-800-926-9400
  • Western Union: Call 1-800-448-1492
  • Ria (non-Walmart transfers): Call 1-877-443-1399
  • Ria (Walmart2Walmart and Walmart2World transfers): Call 1-855-355-2144
Did you send a wire transfer through your bank?

Get in touch with your bank and let them know about the unauthorized transfer. Request them to undo the wire transfer and return your money to you.

Did you use a money transfer app to send money?

Tell the company that runs the money transfer app about the scam, and request them to undo the payment. If you connected the app to your credit card or debit card, inform your credit card company or bank about the fraud and ask them to cancel the charge.

Did you use cryptocurrency to make a payment?

When you use cryptocurrency to pay, it’s usually not possible to reverse the payment. If you want your money back, the person you paid needs to send it back to you. However, you can still try reaching out to the company you used to send the money. Let them know it was a fraudulent transaction and ask if they can undo it for you. Letting us know of any cryptocurrency accounts the scammers are using will help us expose them and prevent others being scammed.

Filing a report with us and adding any of the scammers account details will help us a lot as the data you provide us can Text Content

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