I am delighted to write you. I will try to be as clear as I can be.

Do read the details very carefully.

It is no longer news that there are billions of pounds of financial

assets lying unclaimed, and consumers facing increased financial

hardship. it’s essential that everyone takes time to reclaim lost or

forgotten assets. The Financial Times reports that there is a “sea of

unclaimed assets sloshing around the financial system” very

conservatively estimated to be worth £77 billion!

Assets are considered dormant when contact with the owner is lost –

typically due to a name change after marriage or divorce, an

unreported change of address or expired postal forwarding order, an

incomplete or illegible records and in most cases; deaths.

It’s important to note millions of people remain unaware they’re

entitled to collect unclaimed assets owed deceased depositors, who

passed on without leaving updated financial records for their

assignors and trustees. The majority of this lost money comes from

dormant bank accounts, orphan pensions, unknown windfalls, missing

shares and abandoned dividends, forgotten life insurance policies,

National Savings Certificates, lottery winnings and Premium Bonds

which have not been redeemed.

In this case, my client; Mr. Patel prior to his death testate,

alongside his wife and children in the ill-fated auto crash, was of

American/Indian descent. Been his personal solicitor when he was

alive, I was privy to know him as a very successful business man, with

a gross deposit asset spanning as much as £15,000,000.00.

After Mr. Patel’s demise, I carried out a global search for his

relatives as indicated in his will/testament, which only ended up in

futility. And I have since put the search to rest. However, it is

indicated in his final will/testament that I, been his first executor,

should have his estate bequeathed to any reliable trustee, who will

help oversee and disburse his estate into charitable use, where his

heirs are unable to perform their responsibilities. It is on this

premise that I am reaching out to you to be the trustee. Note that I

could have contacted a different organization/person, but I chose to

contact you simply out of coincidence! I therefore expect you to

consider this opportunity as a privilege and a rare honor.

If this estate is left sterile and unclaimed, longer than necessary,

it will be diverted to the United Kingdom treasury department (office

of the Exchequer) as unclaimed deposit, as it is customary. And the

painful fact is that all unclaimed estates inherited by the government

are only wasted on fiat ventures like nuclear warheads and recurrent

expenditures that are not in any way helpful to our society. Common

sense tells me that the estate MUST NOT be claimed by a wasteful

government, but by those who genuinely need it, in other to better

their lives and make our world a safer and better place to live in.

This where I need you as stipulated in the deceased final

will/testament to accept the trusteeship. And together we can

actualize the dream of the deceased.

There is absolutely nothing illegal about this proposed business

project, because the will/testament which I will make available to you

as this business progresses, irrevocably empowers me to have a

reputable trustee manage the estate, where his legatee and or

consanguinity of second to third degree are unable to perform the

fiduciary obligations due them.

Been the deponent, these are the few steps I will take, to have you

lawfully receive the estate as trustee. (A) I will swear the oath of

affidavit in your names/favor declaring you as the appointed fiduciary

trustee. (B) I will apply for and obtain the trust certification

permit in your favor. (C) Lastly, I will lawfully apply and obtain the

grant of representation in your favor. The foregoing can be achieved

in line with the laws of trust conveyance act.


If you are satisfied with the above, then I will want you to provide

me with the following: (A) Your residence address. (B) Valid ID

(driver’s license or Int. Passport bio data page only). (C) Personal

phone and fax numbers. This information is required for me to begin

the legal process of having the estate released to you as the trustee,

for charitable and business endeavors.

Enough said, I will like to stop here. But should you need anything

else from me, please feel free to ask.

Awaiting your valued response.


Gerry Olsson

Solicitors and Advocates.

15 Cornwallis Street, Liverpool L1 5DG

Tel: 0044

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