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Screenshot of is a delivery scam.

How a Fake Delivery scam works

In this scam, the criminal uses the domain to scam people by pretending to sell goods online from their website. Once you pay for the goods the scammer will not send them to you.

The scam has now just started. The scammer will now convince you that he will ship the goods to you. The scammer will create a fake shipping website and give you a shipping number. This is in order to steal even more money from you by charging you for shipping.

The scam continues

Now that you have invested money, the scammer will continue to charge you more and more fees. As you have already lost money you will be easier to convince because it is difficult to admit that you have been scammed. The scammer can charge you for multiple things including:

  • Cost of product
  • Shipping
  • Taxes (multiple times)
  • Airport fees
  • Bribes Screenshot screenshot

Who created

Scammers create multiple websites for their scams. We research these sites and publish warnings in order to prevent people from getting scammed. Scammers constantly change how they build their websites to not get noticed by us. Here are just a few of the red flags we found from checking WHOIS:

When was registered?

The domain was registered 3 months and 26 days ago. on Tue the 12 Nov 2019 with Namesilo, LLC. This is very recent for a supposedly genuine company.

Where is hosted?

It is currently hosted with the following nameservers: DNS1.NAMECHEAPHOSTING.COM, DNS2.NAMECHEAPHOSTING.COM. This may change if the website is shut down and they move hosters.

Where can I find reviews on

The only place you can find reviews for is on their own website. This is part of the scam to convince you they are legit.

Is legit?

No, It is a delivery scam using an item of value they claim to be sending to you to bait you into sending money. You will lose any money you send.

What else do you know about them?

We cannot find a phone number or address (please add in the comment section). Any address they use is fake and the phone number is a virtual phone number which redirects to their cell phone.

How can I get my money back if I have been scammed by

That is not an easy question to answer. Have a look at the payment methods on their website. They are as untraceable as possible. If you have paid very recently there is a possibility that you can cancel the transaction however they make it as difficult as possible for you to do this.


Click to see other websites on the same server here

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What do I do now?

These scams continue because they are not reported to the proper authorities. Sometimes, as the scam can appear quiet technical, you may have to convince the authorities that it is actually a scam and not a dispute.
The more people report these scams, the more chance they can be stopped.
If you have paid very recently it may be possible to cancel/reverse the transaction.

The most important thing you can do is report this scam.


If you have any further information on please post it in the comments below.

If you live in the US it is important to report this scam to the Federal Trade Commission. Click here to see why. As well as the Federal Trade Commission you should report this crime to the Better Business Bureau. See Here

  1. I saw an item that was on their website at a ridiculously low price compared to other sites selling the same item and started to to proceed to purchase the item. I then accessed their live chat before finalizing the purchase to see if the item could be shipped with a different configuration legal in my state, within seconds I got a reply on a holiday weekend. Red flag one, it just seemed too good to be true. Red flag two you cannot set up an account to track the item being purchased. Red flag three there is no established list of ffl dealers on their site for shipping and they say it’s OK to leave the ffl shipping address blank. Red flag four there is no secure online payment method for PayPal or a major credit card payment. I accidentally prefilled the shipping information as I was using my cellphone and had my credit card in hand ready to make the purchase, but there was nowhere to enter the credit card information. I hit the back button thinking I had missed a step and then could not get back to the checkout screen that I was in and that’s when I got a text from this phone number (213)443-8270, asking and I quote ” Hello will you like to proceed with delivery arrangements and payment for your order. Very sketchy, so I quickly googled the area code and it’s a California number. I didn’t reply to the text and immediately checked the security on my cellphone. I never give my credit card information over the phone…. NEVER EVER.
    Since I didn’t fall for the scam I’m not sure I can legally file a complaint, but if your website can investigate them feel free to bust them for interstate commerce fraud. The item I was trying to purchase is the Stribog SP9A1, theirs is advertised with 3 30 round magazines that per their live chat they would replace with 3 restricted state complaint 10 round magazines as I live in Connecticut. It also had the tailhook brace which is at least a $250 dollar accessory all for $699.00, the pistol alone is $700 all day long if you can find one. JUST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!

    1. I too was trying to make a purchase there. Had the same experience as you. Filled in my info and the FFL’s too. I was going to use Pay Pal seeing how they do not take a CC? I soon got a text from 240-830-0458, saying that I need to use Zelle for the payment. I do not have Zelle linked to my Bank account and once your money leaves it is no longer retractable according to what I read on my Banks web site. I later went back to their site and there wasn’t an address or phone number listed so you can add those flags to your list as well.

  2. I started a transaction of this site for a shotgun, but had a feeling something was funky since they had no secure checkout and were asking for venmo, cashapp, or zelle, which is not a standard merchant method. Luckily I checked them and did not complete the transaction. The number that messaged me for the payment directiona was 2133346795 for your records.

  3. Scam website. No question. Not a real phone number or company. Don’t know who owns or runs this site but they have also same live chat and IP address. Maybe someone here can help to shut them down.

    1. Hi Shawn – I am one of the people that runs this site. The good news is already has a warning posted! Cheers, Mark

      1. I didn’t order from them, but got a text from 240-830-0458. Above you asked for a phone number. Glad I looked them up first.

        1. Thanks for posting the phone number! It is important as if someone searches for it online, this warning will link to it.

  4. I unfortunately fell for this scam. Put in my purchase information and then was contacted via text from the number listed on the site, +1 (970) 239-1458 . They gave me their Zelle info, which was [email protected], name Jacques Basima, for payment. I did the Zelle transaction and questioned why the site would not accept my FFL info. I was told to text it, which sounded fishy to me. I then threatened to cancel the transaction unless I received order # confirmation from them, which they did provide. After another quick exchange of payment confrontation, I received no further contact except a receipt email. When I got through on the phone, a guy answered and told me he was not affiliated with and that they were a scam site. Of course I later found out that I have no recourse with my bank for Zelle transactions, which was painful to learn. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. I want them reported and the site taken down.

  5. Paid $750 to purchase a Grand Power Stribog on 6/08/2020
    Received nothing.
    Impossible to contact.
    I’m embarrassed that I was so easily parted with my money (a fool and his money are easily parted, they say)

  6. When I saw the word salad all over the site, I knew it was scam to bring in as many people looking up guns ammo etc. Also wording was not US native speaker then I saw magazines that you won’t even find on Gunbroker, for less than $40 for 12 at this place, and while I’m sure $12 is less than what all these surplus importers pay,12 was way below market. I wouldn’t be surprised if these importers pay like 50 cents for these old mags.

  7. Got me too. Was a gift for my dad. Everyone was out of stock and they had what he wanted. Zelle app. Typical case of not thinking like the thief. It’s sad that you cannot TRUST anyone or anything anymore. A sucker is born every minute. I let my guard down and got robbed. Actually I guess I robbed myself by not vetting this scammer first. Please don’t fall for this.

  8. I fell on the scam too.
    God will take care of this people.
    My sin was trust in people and being naive.
    Their sin is being evil.
    Karma will do the job for us.

  9. They got me too. I ordered a $530.00 shotgun from them on July 1, 2020. I am filing fraud charges for what that is worth. I am pretty sure I will never see my money.

  10. It sounded too good, they had Glocks at low prices when nobody else did. I had to check further and found this site. If you can be as smart as me, you won’t get ripped off.

  11. I got scammed for $369. I reported it to the FTC. Im not getting the firearm I purchased for my kids birthday and Im down $369. Makes me sick in the stomach for being so stupid. I don’t know why someone hasn’t been able to remove their website. Good old Tyler Jay wont answer his chat line about a refund. Lol. Im such an idiot.

  12. They almost got me. All through texting I could tell something was weird. I’m an FFL and when I asked for their FFL number, they said “they don’t share that out.” Obviously a non native speaker. Not that non natives can get FFLs but it made me a little nervous. Also, no valid FFL would refuse that info since they are published online. I asked a lot of questions via text and he was getting upset w me and asked if I wanted to cancel the order. Again, I run a small business and being pushy and rude isn’t the was to be. Anyway, stay far away from

  13. I too swallowed the hook. although I checked and the phone # was legit and the virtual google drive-by of the address proved the business is real, I wasn’t impressed by the site which looked a little wonky [it is a ripoff of the real GlockStore site]. I proceeded to checkout to see what happened and the ghost Tyler Jay appeared from the chat feature to assist me with my purchase by using Zelle. Haha, no way dude I ain’t falling for that! But when I checked with my bank it was confirmed that Zelle is a real and often used app offered thru Wells Fargo. That’s where I slipped as I assumed that Wells was guarding the transaction. That was on Aug 7 and I reported it to Internet Crime Complaint Center. I am surprised the site is still operating after nine months or so. ‘Tyler Jay’ and ‘BRANDON NEBA’ must be raking it in. Don’t use GlockStore.ORG and I personally would recommend not to use apps like Zelle as they facilitate these scams [even though Wells Fargo defends Zelle as a useful app].

  14. Easy one to fall for! especially when you get them mixed up with
    my lesson only cost me $269 which my bank is crediting to me…. however, I suggest everyone go file with the US Attorney General office or with your state General Attorney office and file a fraud complaint/form. Sounds like these morons are walking away with thousands. Keep in mind, if they used Zelle – it has to be tied to their bank account that they opened, so at least there is some traceability to get back to a person or group and go after them… no one in law enforcement is going to do anything that falls under a certain amount… but if this adds up to tens of thousands or even more … then there will be more effort to catch these morons. And irrespective of which company they are in – someone will reach out and touch them!

  15. is a ripoff site. I got ripped of for $500 on Aug 25 trying to buy a shotgun from these creeps. I used Zelle to pay them. I’m glad my bank put a $500 limit on the transaction. is now not answering me at all. I went back to the site and contacted their so-called sales rep. I asked, “Did you rip me off?” and he answered, “no, busy.” That’s it, no further communication or answers. I wish there was a way to find these jerks. I won’t be buying guns online anymore!

  16. I fell for the scam on Sep 1st 2020. It was a “to good to be true” price for a shoot gun and I went right past all of the red flags for online purchase. These people must be stopped and that web site need to be shut down. I know I will never see the product or the money, as I was ignored when I asked for a refund within an hour of the purchase, since I then thought about what I had done and did some research.

  17. Don’t feel bad, they just got me last night for $340.00. But that’s what I get for being so excited to jump on a two good to be true deal on such an impeccable firearm that I was trying to purchase. Learned my lesson the hard way.

  18. Well, welcome to the club…fell for the same scam. Ordered a shotgun and after asking if they take PayPal, they informed me to. use Zelle, I said I do not have that app, they then said Cashapp, so I used that. After it not going thru 3 times, they switched to a different name and it unlucky for me went thru. I had no idea that they were scamming me, but I see they have hooked a lot of people. Something has to be done with this type of scam.

  19. I feel for it on October 13, 2020. I thought I was on Lenny McGill’s Glock Store site, as I have bought stuff from them before. I did not notice the url is, not As soon as I placed the order for a Glock 19 for $560, which is a normal price, they texted from 707-755-6334 which says it is a California number, they told me to zelle payment to an email for [email protected], said name on account would be Temmy Dby, they name was actually temiloluwa JPM451331365. I emailed them yesterday for status of my order, and they email bounced back undelivered, so I went to their website to look for an alternate email address when I noticed the url is, not There were so many red flags with this I should have known better, but I thought I was buying from who I know is legit. I will report this to Chase tomorrow, it looks like the money went to a Chase account, so maybe something can be done. I have all my emails and texts and screenshots to prove this was a scam.

  20. If you have not already, you should submit this information to the FBI Internet Crime Division.
    It is a online form you fill out.

  21. ugh!! I fell for it, but luckily stopped before sending Zelle money.
    I thought it was Lenny McGill’s Glock Store.
    I will try to find/figure out the FBI reporting as well.
    thanks for all the posts!

  22. I almost got scammed myself. They texted me from the number (240)830-0458 and a person named Jennifer was saying she would assist me with my payment. I thought this to be odd and stopped the transaction.

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Report a Delivery scam to the Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission investigates and compiles evidence of every type of scam which targets American citizens. The FTC have created a tool called Sentinel to gather information on scams. is a scam website in a fake delivery scam. They use the email [email protected] and are registered with NameCheap, Inc.