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Internet Service Provider, you are advice to treat it genuinely.


Attention: Sir/Madam.

Good day to you. I write to inform you on a delegate matter concerning your pending transfer of your long over due payment from the intermediary bank.

An intermediary bank is a bank that acts on behalf of the beneficiary bank. Payments will reach the intermediary bank before being credited to the beneficiary.

I have been assigned to this by the United Nations Trust Fund and Compensation Award Committee. As this payment is labeled for Scam Victims,past Lottery winners and contract payment and your will be receiving a credit alert of $ 750,417,00 USD (Seven Hundred Fifty thousand, Four hundred-Seventeen United States Dollar only).

I have it on good authority to contact you and make your mind ready to receive this payment which will be concluded upon receiving confirmation from you.

You are required to provide the requested details below for verification and confirmation purpose.

**Full Name:

**A copy of any form of identification, Drivers license or International passport.

As soon as the above details is received, it will forward to the Paying Bank for authorization and confirmation. further details will be released to you immediately.

Contact the Legal Department with the above details for immediate processing.

Law Office of David Dent
Barristers and Solicitors
Dent Chambers.
Address: Plot 12, Vally View Plaza (Far North Dallas)
Dallas,Tx, United States


Kindly indicate your ( PAYMENT FILE NUMBER:CODE-0147BOG ) with your details for easy verification.

Good luck to you and Congratulations once more.

Mr. Elliott Harris
UN Assistant Secretary-General
Chief Economist Department of Economic
and Social Affairs United Nations

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