Good News!!!


This letter is aim at drawing your attention and also bring to your notice that you have been granted 2,000,000 USD as part of James Stocklas Foundation to reach out to the needy around the world, please contact for more details.

With Love,
James Stocklas Foundation.

4 thoughts on “Good News!!!

  1. I just received this from a supposed “James Stocklas” from and the which does not exist! It’s a scam for sure! it’s sad that there are people out there in the world trying to take advantage of good folks!
    and they even used bible quotes to make it sound more real! may the higher powers that be have mercy on these evil souls!
    There is even a number at the bottom. These people need to have legal action taken on them!


    I am pleased to get across to you through your email, I got your contact through world directory random search, after I decided to contact you as my spirit lead me to do so, I might not know your present condition and what you are going through in life but I believe that this donation will be of good help to you and your family, I am Mr. James Stocklas. I am 67 years old and I’m from Pennsylvania, United State of America. I have decided to share among individuals around the world part of my wealth since money is not everything in life, I may not know you, but I believe if you received my first email and responded back indicates you were chosen to receive my donation of [$2,000,000.00 USD] which will be transferred to you as soon as you respond back to me now, I am a Christian and I believe that Good things happen to good people like you who had the mind to respond back to my mail.

    I won $291.4 Million Dollars in the Powerball jackpot and I decided to make sure my winning is put on the internet for the world to see as you could see from this web page After taken care of the needs of my immediate family members and friends, i decided to donate the remaining of the fund to other individuals around the world in need, the local fire department, NGO’s, the Red Cross, hospitals and some other organizations in Asia, Africa and Europe that fight cancer. I want to hear from you if my gift of [$2,000,000.00 USD] is accepted by you before I proceed.

    Send me the below details to show that you accept my gift.


    You can form your own charity if you have an idea for a cause you feel hasn’t yet represented by an organization. Become active in charities in your community or globally, and raising money or other donations for good causes you feel strongly about.. You can invest in business, help the needy, but endeavor you use this donation judiciously.

    Everyone says its an evil world but there are still good people, i believe there is still some good things to say about this world. I will emulate Jesus Christ approach to giving, Matthew 9:29-30 Then he touched their eyes and said, “According to your faith let it be done to you”; and their sight was restored. Jesus warned them sternly, “See that no one knows about this.”…….. Let this gift be between you, me and the creator. Remember to pay it forward someday.

    Thank you for accepting my offer, I am indeed grateful, I anticipate your earliest response.

    Best Regard
    Mr. James Stocklas
    Call My Person Assistant If Need Be.
    +1 814-888-3470


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